How does the Reward system work?

What are UPS Reward Points?

UPS want to reward our loyal customers. For ever $1 you spend, you’ll receive 1 reward point to receive discounts on future purchases.*

You’ll see how many points you’ll receive for each product just above the product image.



For example, spend $50 and receive 50 reward points. When you have a minimum of 450 points, you can use these to pay for all or part of your order.

For every 100 points you collect, we’ll give you $5 to spend!


* Discounted stacks will not earn full points. See each product for allocated points prior to purchase.

How will I know that I am earning reward points?

When a customer is about to checkout with an order that will earn them reward points, they will be able to see the rewards on the checkout page. There will be a section titled ‘Rewards Earned’ that will indicate how many points a customer will earn. Customers will see this when they have logged in to their account, or on the checkout page. Guest purchasers cannot earn reward points.

How can I use my reward points?

If a customer has earned enough points to use them, the rewards points can be used on the checkout page as an available option.


The customer will be able to choose how many points to use against the purchase. An example would be that a customer can pay for half an order through points and the remainder using a different payment method such as Paypal or Visa.



Do I need to use all of my reward points in one transaction?

Reward points can be used across more than one purchase. On each purchase, you can decide how much credit they want to use for that purchase.

When do I receive my reward points?

Your points are added to your account when you order is shipped out to you.