Ultimate Plant Protein

Five Plant Protein Formula

The benefits of adopting a partial or wholly plant based diet are touted all over the globe and for good reasons; the benefits have been fundamentally proven. Plant based diets and vegan lifestyles are proven to help lower cholesterol levels, increases metabolism, vitamin and mineral intake and leads to generally lower levels of fat gain and obesity.

But how does a plant based protein stack up against standard animal proteins when it comes to building and developing muscle? Several studies have proven that quality plant proteins are just as effective in building, recovering and strengthening musculature as animal based proteins with the added benefits of less saturated fats and being naturally more alkaline. You can be confident that UPS Ultimate Plant Protein is a great, vegan friendly choice for you, no matter your health and fitness goals

While whey protein is great for building muscle, if you suffer from allergies and intolerances, it’s great to have a quality plant based, low allergen option on hand. Plant-based proteins can be the top pick for those who do suffer from a whey allergy. UPS Ultimate Plant Protein is not only lactose and whey free but also free from gluten and soy.

Other protein powders often contain gluten as gluten is a protein which can produce a fuller feeling after consumption. Plant-based protein powders are often gluten free and hypoallergenic which help if you experience allergies or general digestive sensitivities.

Fibre comes in two forms, soluble fibre and insoluble and they perform different functions in the body. Insoluble fibre can assist our digestive system to operate optimally. On the other hand, soluble fibre keeps us feeling full and triggers the satiety (fullness) hormones in our body.
Because plants contain large amounts of both soluble and insoluble fibre; plant based protein users get the benefits of a properly working digestive system and the full feeling we all want—especially when we’re controlling calories or attempting fat loss programs.

There are many protein powders used for the purposes of meal replacement. While protein powders are a good option to keep you full while still losing weight, a plant-based protein powder naturally keeps you feeling full while assisting in digestive processing.

Another benefit of plant based proteins is their advantageous effect on the bodies’ metabolic processes. Protein in general is more laborious to process and therefore takes longer than carbohydrates and lipids. This not only allows you to feel fuller for longer but also increases your basal metabolic rate; that is, the calories burned at rest.

In addition to the protein content, the fibre also lengthens the satiety and digestive process while also becoming more efficient at burning through calories. Increased efficiencies in the digestive process can lead to more energy to be burned during other activities which has great short and long term effects on fat storage and energy expenditure.

Our natural PH levels can achieve a greater balance with the addition of plants and plant based products. Animal proteins and foods high in simple carbohydrates are found to be more acidic and high consumption can cause imbalances in the bodies PH Levels.

To cope with the change, the body can leach minerals from our bones and other places, and then distribute those minerals accordingly in efforts to rebalance the PH Level. Plant-based diets help counteract the acidity found in the common western lifestyle and diet. Plants and plant based proteins often have a high amount of chlorophyll (the greener, the better) and this can help to provide the alkalinity that our bodies need.