Why Use Pre Workout Supplements?

Your workouts and exercise sessions are critical to building up your health and wellness, not only in the gym but in your busy day to day life. But how can you make sure that you’re going to get the best results from your efforts? Results that will move you closer towards the health and fitness levels you’re aiming for?

Pre workout supplements are designed to put your mind and your body into an optimum state of readiness so that you can exercise more effectively. They provide energy to push you further so that your endurance is increased during times of intensity or ‘load’ on your body and your brain. They also provide nutrients to help protect your muscles while you’re pushing them to capacity. Our specialised pre workout formula, Ultimate Power, was specifically created to provide you with the energy and focus you need to maximise your results.

The purpose of a pre workout supplement is to make you feel more energetic and the best pre workouts will have you feeling alert, focused and less fatigued between sets. Many studies have shown pre workouts increase athletic performance amongst elite sports men and women. As all our products are Research Driven, you can rest assured that when you buy Ultimate Power you’re getting a science backed formulation that will assist you in whatever activity you’re doing.

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A Pre workout supplement stimulates your body on several different levels, making you able to push yourself harder during a workout, sports game or fitness activity. Many of the ingredients in common Pre workout Supplements will affect your mind as well as the function of your body so not only will your muscles feel stronger, your brain will be switched on and energised to support you pushing yourself harder.

At UPS we pride ourselves on our fully open label policy for all of our products. This means that you know what you’re putting in your body, every time you use a UPS RTD shake, bar or supplement and our Ultimate Power pre workout is no different. Here is a breakdown of the researched backed, premium pharmaceutical grade ingredients we combine to make sure you’re getting the best out of yourself at each and every workout.

Most people can’t get revved up for the day without their first cup of coffee because that caffeine you’re getting is a direct jolt to the nervous system. Caffeine Anhydrous is a purified, concentrated form of that same caffeine jolt but magnified through natural dehydration processes to be more potent and effective. When caffeine hits your bloodstream, it makes a beeline directly for your brain, making the effects almost immediate. Caffeine is a proven metabolism booster and is the key ingredient in many pre workout supplements due to its powerful effect on your brain.
Synephrine is also a stimulant that boosts energy and endurance and most commonly found in plant extracts. However while caffeine will boost your metabolism and energy for short periods, Synephrine is a brilliant slow burner, raising your basal metabolic rate throughout the day; not just while you’re working out. Lastly Higenamine is added to increase blood flow to the muscles and to aid in the removal of metabolic waste products. The beauty of Higamine is this increased blood flow is achieved without putting any extra strain on vital organs such as your liver and kidneys. More blood flow equals more oxygen to the muscle, meaning you burn more fat during your workout and become less fatigued.

Beta Alanine is an amino acid that assist in the creation of Carnosine, a protein which effectively helps to ‘soak up’ acid in the muscle. This ‘soaking up’ process helps to maintain and regulate the Ph balance in your muscles during times of increased load and strain. Essentially, this means that the inclusion of Beta Alanine in your Pre workout supplement increases fatigue resistance and enhances your training or output capacity. You’ll feel less sore due to a decrease in lactic acid build up and this makes for an exercise plan that produces results and is easier to stick by.

Touted as one of the most consistently effective performance enhancing supplements on the market since the introduction of Creatine, Beta Alanine is a brilliant pre workout component to have in your fitness arsenal. We want to make sure that you’re fully equipped with explosive power, a great pump and increased endurance, no matter what activity you choose. That’s why we only include exceptional, scientifically proven products in our pre workout Ultimate Power.

Piperine is an extract from black pepper corns. It’s what gives them their spicy taste and is known worldwide by its registered trademark BioPerine. While much of its benefits are still being studied and understood, BioPerine’s inclusion in pre workout supplements is ideal because BioPerine improves the bioavailability of other nutrients. Essentially, this means that BioPerine makes other nutrients and compounds easier for your body to absorb, an imperative component in a supplement designed to kick in quickly and help you work hard.

A complementary effect of the increased bioavailability is that BioPerine can also increase thermogenesis in the body, meaning higher fat burning levels. As a standalone compound, BioPerine increases blood flow to the gastrointestinal system, speeding up the stomach’s ability to emulsify, that is digest, nutrients. When combined with other high grade elements like those found in UPS’ Ultimate Power, it improves the digestibility of those as well. The end result? All of the compounds in your supplement are made that much more beneficial, potent and available. You then have a pre workout supplement packed full of ingredients that assist you to work harder and burn more fat; that are available to your body quickly for use when you need them the most.

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So there you have it, a full break down of the hows and whys of pre workout supplements. Ultimate Power is an all in one solution and is everything you’ll need to have a great workout day-in day-out, with no added sugars or fillers. We’re passionate about our open labels and our premium ingredients and we want you to be empowered with the knowledge that when you join the UPS fitness community, you’re giving your health and wellness goals a kick start. There are no shortcuts in health; only science, passion and quality.