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Whey Protein Powder supplements are everywhere and for people from all walks of life. But with so many options available, it can be time-consuming and expensive to make sure you’re choosing the right health products for you. Our team have put together an easy to understand the source of information to complement our world-class protein powder products. That way you can be sure you’re getting the support you’re after.

Whey Protein powders are an easy, convenient way to get complete and quality protein into your system fast. But not all proteins are the same and knowing the best supplement for your lifestyle and fitness goals can make all the difference. Many supplements vary in price, ingredients, taste and results making it tough to see through the advertising jargon. Our team here at UPS want to break down the barriers between you and the health supplements that can help you reach your peak. Because we’re athletes too, UPS believe knowledge is power and power is world class Whey Protein Powder for you.

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If your nutritional life is 100% perfect, full of grass fed or wild caught lean quality meats and fish, organic dairy or 8 - 10 serves of legumes per day, chances are you don’t need protein and health supplements. If like the rest of us each day presents new challenges, temptations and time consuming demands; boosting your protein intake is essential to keep up with the pressures put on your well being. Many people throughout the world enhance their diet with, and thrive on protein supplements. From elite athletes, mums and dads starting out on a lifestyle change, gym goers increasing their workout load, people beginning a vegan lifestyle or those simply recovering from an injury; protein can help.

Simply put, whey protein shakes, bars and supplements are no longer isolated to the realms of hardcore gym junkies and athletes. The UPS team are comprised of bodybuilders, crossfitters, busy parents, business professionals (and so many more). We understand that no matter how you spend your day, there are a top quality, convenient and delicious protein powder products to help you. Choose from our scientifically backed range for breakfast, before and after workouts and even sweet treats and you can be confident that you’re doing a good thing for your health.

We’re just going to come out and say it; not all proteins powder are the same. But since no two fitness goals are alike; this is actually a really good thing. If you’re just starting out in fitness and don’t know where to start; if you’re bamboozled with terms like ‘protein isolates’ ‘protein concentrates’ ‘amino acids’ BCAA’s’; never fear. The team at UPS can break down the complex world of protein and arm you with the knowledge to make the best decisions for your lifestyle. Whey Protein Isolate or WPI is the more pure form of protein on the market. It’s a highly absorbable, complete protein and gives a good burst of energy to your body when you need it most. WPI often contains a higher percentage of pure protein and is lower in lactose, carbohydrates and fat that WPC. Because of the more rigorous filtration process, most WPI is around 90% protein and is an ideal pre and post workout protein. It’s also the ideal protein shake for building muscle and losing fat. UPS Ultimate WPI is one of the purest, fastest absorbing, bioavailable protein sources on the planet. Even with most of the sugars and fat removed, its a delicious and nutritious protein
Whey Protein Concentrate Blends or WPC Blend is more natural product and hasn’t undergone the same micro-filtration processes that WPI has. Whey Protein powder Concentrate often contains slightly more fats, carbohydrates and lactose than Isolate and therefore will fill you up for longer and create a slow release energy. UPS Ultimate Whey is a tri blended protein full of fast and slow burning proteins. It’s fantastic for supporting your body while you work hard and your muscle refuelling systems while you’re at rest.
No matter which protein product you choose to use, UPS have a full range of products, tested and designed with you in mind. Easily digestible, low in lactose, fat and sugar and tastes great. No matter your health goal, the UPS range can help you.

By now, if you’re still reading; you know that protein supplements are synonymous with creating, building and recovering muscle in the body. So what role does protein have in supporting those who want to lose fat tissue and centimetres from their waist? At UPS, we have you covered too, producing a range specially designed for weight loss and carb cravings.
Your bodyweight is regulated by your brain and in order for your brain to decide when and how much to eat, it relies on information from hormones. A higher whey protein intake actually increases levels of the appetite-reducing or ‘satiety’ hormones and can also reduce your levels of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. By replacing carbs and fats with quality protein sources, you can reduce the hunger hormone and boost several different satiety hormones.

The result of this exchange often leads to a reduction in hunger and is the main reason that protein is such an important component of weight loss.
A secondary component where the protein can assist weight loss is the Thermic Effect of Food or TEF. Essentially, a proportion of the calories you eat are burned off in the digestion process and quality proteins have a higher TEF than carbohydrates and fats. by increasing your protein intake, you’re boosting your metabolism and burning more calories without even trying.
Lastly, you’ve heard the term ‘muscle weighs more than fat’ right? The bad news is - it’s just not true. Two kilograms of fat weighs the same as two kilograms of muscle. The good news however is, two kilograms of muscles takes up much less room than two kilograms of fat, so it’s possible to lose fat without losing actual weight on the scales. Maintaining newly built muscle burns more calories and because protein boosts muscle production and reduces muscle breakdown, your high protein diet will not only help you lose fat, it will help you maintain a great body as well!

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So now that you’re armed with the information you need and the products to help you face your weight loss goals, what are you waiting for? UPS are excited to help you achieve your health and fitness dreams because we all have those dreams too. Our team of dedicated professionals have created the premium quality Whey Protein powder range with you in mind. It's convenient, delicious and ready to ship to your door. Be sure to check out the Thermogenics range and the sweet treats too; packed full of our premium Whey Protein powder and guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth without undoing your hard work.