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Losing weight; that age old quest that so many of us are on. We’ve all tried (and failed at times) to achieve a leaner, slimmer look by taking on fads and trends, purchasing programs and following the ‘slimming secrets’ of our celebrity role models. There’s a reason that weight loss is a billion dollar industry and yet we as a species have never struggled more with the pandemics of cholesterol, diabetes, overweight and of course obesity. We know by now – fads don’t work and most of what you see on social media is not designed to help you reach your body ideals. That said, if you’re wanting to lose fat, our team here at UPS can help.  We know that jargon and hype won’t help you achieve the health and fitness level you’re looking for. We rely on tried, tested and trusted ingredients in our Thermogenics and Ultimate Slim range so you can be confident that you’re on the right track. Our research driven proteins & compound blends, supplements and health products are designed to support you burn fat, build muscle and take the stress out of choosing the best fat loss system for you.

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Many weightloss shakes and protein shakes on the market today are designed to do exactly that, help you lose ‘weight’ and reduce the number you see on the scales. Some are even designed to do the opposite! But at UPS, we want you to think about what you’re actually losing when starting on a weight loss program - apart from money. Many products available today have the potential to deplete muscle & hydration levels, giving you a drop in your overall weight but doing very little to remove actual fat stores from your body. In the long term, studies have proven that weight loss ‘solutions’ like this cause yo-yo dieting and tend to leave participants with more fat than they started out with originally.

And that’s really the heart of the matter right there; we don't just want to ‘lose weight’ but rather, lose fat, change our body shape, have more energy. Seeing our overall weight on the scale go down is an added bonus but it shouldn’t be the only target. UPS have created a range of slimming and fat burning protein supplements designed specifically for fat loss; scientifically tried and tested to help burn off the fat you want to lose and build the muscle that will help you to keep that fat off. Our range of high grade proteins for weight loss supplements include compounds proven to boost metabolism, improve mood, curb cravings and of course - burn off fat!

On the face of it, losing weight is a simple enough equation of calories put in versus calories taken out; however not all calories are equal once they enter your body. Studies have proven that quality sources of protein have a significant positive impact on losing weight in ways that carbohydrates and fats don't. Protein makes you feel fuller for longer, affecting hormones that regulate satiety (letting you know when you feel satisfied) and hunger, the need to eat again. Protein has been known to reduce cravings while carbohydrates are known for increasing them and most importantly; protein is your premium muscle food; fuelling your body to create leaner tissue and increasing your resting metabolic rate (the ability to burn calories while your body is at rest.)

The UPS Ultimate SLIM Protein range is a HWPI and WPC Blend, with scientifically backed fat burning boosters. Proven ingredients such as L-Carnitine, green tea extracts, hydroxy-citric acids and many more are included in our SLIM Weight loss shakes Protein range to make sure you are supported to lose unwanted fat, feel energised and create the lifestyle you’re after.

Many cultures have been espousing the benefits of Green Tea for centuries and it is now a proven fact that not only is green tea refreshing and full of antioxidants but it can help boost fat loss. The caffeine in all tea is a stimulant and has been widely proven to aid fat burning and increase performance during activity. The caffeine within green tea amounts to less than what you might find in coffee meaning you’ll get all the positive effects and fewer of the potential negative side effects.

Secondly and perhaps even more importantly, green tea extract is loaded with antioxidants and compounds known as catechins. The most effective and widely researched of these catechins is the tongue twister Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG for short and EGCG is proven to be able to boost metabolism and increase the effect of some fat burning hormones. We include EGCG in our Slim and Thermogenics Range for it's overall fat burning and health properties.

One of the challenges with any new eating overhaul can definitely be cravings. We miss what we’re not having and this is common from when you’re starting out to even once you reach your weight goals. Foods that are high in fats and carbohydrates are brilliant at turning off satiety hormones and tripping our feel good ones instead. If you sometimes feel like junk food is addictive - that’s because it is! Add in the incredibly effective marketing of junk food that you run into every day and there’s no question that our busy lives are full of craving triggers. Since resisting temptation is an important factor in creating new healthy habits, UPS includes Chromium Picolinate in there Ultimate Slim and Thermogenics range.

Chromium Picolinate is an essential trace mineral which is hard to come by in most modern diets however it's a proven carb craving killer. When blood sugar is low, the urge to reach for starchy, carbohydrate or fat filled snacks can be overwhelming. Chromium Picolinate helps by balancing blood sugar levels and reducing that urge to undo your hard work. It also plays a role in reducing cholesterol, rectifying insulin resistance and fat metabolism.

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So now that you’re armed with the information you need and the products to help you face your weight loss goals, what are you waiting for? UPS are excited to help you achieve your health and fitness dreams because we all have those dreams too. Our team of dedicated professionals have created the premium quality Ultimate Slim range with you in mind. It's convenient, delicious and ready to ship to your door. Be sure to check out the Thermogenics range and the sweet treats too; packed full of our premium protein and guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth without undoing your hard work.