Garry McKenzie

The UPS supplements and the overall service can not be compared. I am an average Joe in the community who had a massive weight issue (Still climbing mountains for my best body). What the UPS team were able to do was provide me with some of their time and directional advice. All other companies contacted never got back to me or declined to help me. Now that I have become a little more savvy on supplements and training (Thanks to them). All I would suggest to anyone wanting to commence supplementing or training read their info section on the supplement containers and it will clearly show they don’t have any fillers and their ingredients are at the highest level. They have help me and inspired me so much that I have obtained qualifications in the fitness industry. All I can say is thank-you to them both for their products and for caring about the average person on the street. The reality is I owe them so much, words can not express my respect for the UPS product and them as individuals as caring members not only the fitness industry but the average person on the street.
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