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Samantha Davies

Was recomended your products by my PT. She has all her clients on your products and i can see why.

William Donegan
Southport, Qld

Just got the GH sleep formula. had the best sleep

mark russell
Darley, Vic

Iso85 best protein out there

James Rogers

Been on 2XL mass gainer for 2 weeks now. love it. mixes great and 3kgs up in weight

lucky singh

I would like to say im very happy with your products and the quality

Robert Mclean

Been using you aminoade, love the taste and recovery

luke holden
Ryde, NSW

GH Dreamzzz gave me great dreamzzz lol, slept awesome

Mary Bellhouse
Ashfield, NSW

Crème Caramel Ultimate Slim is delightful, look forward to my shake everyday

Jill Wentworth
Marsfield, NSW

Love mixing my Ultimate Slim shakes

David Bellworth
Tweed, QLD

Best Iso85 Choc Peanut Butter

Kim Randell
Labrador, QLD


Michelle Carver
Brisbane, QLD

Honeycomb slim is the bomb, thx guys

rebecca maddern
helensvale, QLD

Loving the Aminogreens, tastes great

stacey louise
seven hills, qld

amino gold..... lol aminogreens ftw

Melissa Thornton

Choc Cherry Coconut Protein Mousse is to die for, thank you, thank you, thank you

Megan Triscott
Sunbury, Vic

Just started your products, Ultimate Slim shakes are awesome. Mix great, Taste great and losing weight, thank you

Morgan Davies
Glenelg, SA

MMMMMMMM that Mousse is divine, love it

David Montgomery
Campbelltown, SA

Iso85 by far the best protein out there. Clean, light, no bloating. Great work guys

Eric Gasset
Prospect, SA

Slept like a baby on GH Dreamzzz

Robert Gussman
Burnside, SA

Protein Pancakes........................ oh yer!!!!!!!!

Sharon Thompson
Hindmarsh, SA

Tried the Strawberry Slim fat burning shake, love it. Will be back for more

Andrew Robinski
Glenorchy, Tas

Sustain protein best quality/value and taste awesome

samantha clissord
Sandy Bay, Tas

omg the pancakes, best eva

Peter Ford

2XL mass gain 4000 calories baby

fran bundy
Melb, Vic

Will you guys bring back Beta Shred? Found it to be best Fat Burner out there?

Emma Mclean
Frankston, Vic

Belgian Choc Slim tastes great

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John Tsounias

I have been around the block when it comes to protein powders.

Since I started using UPS my weight is up 10% my strength I highly recommend UPS products.

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Mill Park

Forget the rest, UPS is the best.

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Daniel Stewart

I was referred to UPS Protein by my trainer as I was using other supplements that were making me feel nauseous.

I was offered to try a sample of the ISO-85+ & Warrior pre-workout and had one of the best training sessions ever.

I now routinely take Warrior Pre-workout, ISO-85+ Protein and GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) as part of my training diet.

I once ran out of the Iso-85+ protein and went back to the old supplement that I used previously which made me feel nauseous, irritable and lethargic, so It was clear to me that UPS Protein was the only option for me.

So you could imagine my relief when my new ISO-85+ arrived in the mail and Since then I have been training well.

My opinion of the other brands that I was using cannot compete with the purity and cleanliness of the UPS Protein products.

I am now a loyal client of UPS Protein Products and will definitely recommend these products to other bodybuilders. Well Done UPS Protein.

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Im a young mum working towards my first bikini comp. I only use the best and thats UPS! I use iso-85, sustain, slim, thermo8or, warrior pre-workout, L-glutamine and tri carn. Honey comb buzz and banana flavours are great but my absolute favourite would have to be strawberry fields in the slim.

It tastes so unbelievably good I sip it slowly to savour the moment.

UPS supplements really help me get the most out of my workout and at the same time aid in my recovery a great deal leaving me feeling great and fresh to train again the following day.

Without the use of UPS supplements on top of my extremely nutritional diet I would take days or even a week to recover. With these products having no fillers and larger amounts of protein compared to other brands they are a favourite and in my opinion best on the market. Some people say to me UPS are a bit more pricey, but I say you can’t put a price on quality.

The quality of these products are worth a few extra dollars. Nothing but the best for my health and well being.

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No stomach bloat, increased recovery.

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Ultimate Sustain (chocolate) actually tastes like chocolate! I actually enjoy every shake.

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Rodd Carr

Very very very clean formulas.

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Chirnside Park

My lactose sensitivity prevents me from using most other protein powders. But I’ve had no problems using your powder.

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Thanks to your product ‘Ultimate Slim’ and your friendly advice I have lost 8 kg in just ten weeks and I feel a lot more vibrant, energetic and confident. Thank you again

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Joanne Milne

Love love love the Protein Mousse

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Jess Sinclare

Hi guys, so very happy with all your products. You really do put quality ahead of profits which is very rare in this day and age. Keep up the great work.

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Aaron Badding

Ultimate Hulc Rocks…… Best Pre-Workout on the planet!

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Top quality and excellent value and real results. I highly recommend these products to all.

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Marc Logan


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Simone Power

Been using Ultimate Slim and dropped three dress sizes for my wedding. Thank you sooooo much.

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Tony Bensa

True richness comes from knowing you’re helping others change their lives.

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Dan Nolan

Love all your products. Very clean and actual results

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Real products, real results. I won’t use anything else.

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Garry McKenzie

The UPS supplements and the overall service can not be compared. I am an average Joe in the community who had a massive weight issue (Still climbing mountains for my best body).

What the UPS team were able to do was provide me with some of their time and directional advice. All other companies contacted never got back to me or declined to help me.

Now that I have become a little more savvy on supplements and training (Thanks to them). All I would suggest to anyone wanting to commence supplementing or training read their info section on the supplement containers and it will clearly show they don’t have any fillers and their ingredients are at the highest level.

They have help me and inspired me so much that I have obtained qualifications in the fitness industry. All I can say is thank-you to them both for their products and for caring about the average person on the street. The reality is I owe them so much, words can not express my respect for the UPS product and them as individuals as caring members not only the fitness industry but the average person on the street.

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Frank & Margaret

Thank you UPS. My husband and I have been using ‘Ultimate Slim’ 2 – 3 times per day in between meals and we have both lost nearly 6 kgs in 3 weeks.

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Matt Dunkheld

Have been using your Ultimate Sustain for three months now. Have increased my bench by 20kgs, have lost bodyfat and actually feeling more recovered. Thank you guys.

Mandy Richards
South Australia

loving your guys products

Rebecca Butler

love the protein mousse, delicious

Trish A

aminogreens is awesome. good job guys, taste amazing

Mark Lombard

love the greens guys, taste great

Mel Francisty
Balwyn, vic

Choc cherry mousse is amazing, kills my naughty thoughts

dan patrick
newcastle, nsw

dam that choc peanut butter Iso rocks!!!!!!!

Gordon Scholfield
Hampton park, vic

been using the male caps. found strength up and intensity up


UPS Slim protein- I've tried various fat burning proteins but when I tried UPS Slim I knew I've found a keeper ?. The flavours taste real, mixes well and the price is great. I'll definitely keep buying it.

Corina Gerecke
Melbourne Australia

I use only UPS products for my competition prep as I know they are of the highest quality. ISO 85 + helps with my weight recovery and love the Honeycomb flavour. Slims Belgium chocolate is my go to for a protein supplement and feels so naughty as it's so delicious. I couldn't get thru my intense workouts with out Aminoade in my shaker combined with Tri carn to really get a great pump. As competition gets closer I amp things up with Beta shred to assist with leaning down. So many great products with so many great flavours. Hardest part is choosing which on to have .

Rebecca Mew

Love the Iso85! Tastes great and I honestly never feel sore or stiff after a workout! My favorite supplement so far!! I'd recommend it to anyone 🙂

Pat Riddick
Liverpool, NSW

Loving the Iso85 Protein. Best quality by far

Nick Dickson
Southport, Gold Coast

Choc Peanut Butter rocks..... best tasting protein eva

ingrid haslam
Colac, Vic

just purchased the fat burn stack and very happy with results two weeks in


Proud to be a UPS user for all my supplement needs. Not only when I have been at the gym daily, but also during my recovery from spinal surgery. Thanks UPS for the great supplements, apparel & customer support.

Simone Randell
Wagga, NSW

Been using the Ultimate Slim. Love the flavours and the results so far. thx guys

Boris Skelter
ipswich, Qld

boom the creaswole pumps, awesome, great product

Jiuliana McKenzie
Richmond, Victoria

Absolutely stand by UPS products - what's on the label is what you will find in the product. As a female powerlifter, my performance depends on quality supplements and with UPS, I know that is what I will get. Keep up the great work Mike & Georgia.


OMG your Chocabolic Bar is the best Protein Bar i have ever had - leaves all the other Bars for dead. Amazing Product - thank you

Karen Davies

Thank you for my Chocabolic bars I won in your recent competition. Too bad I've just about eaten them all already! Seriously, AMAZING products guys x


I participated in the UPS 14 Day Transformation Challenge and was so amazed by my results at the end of the 14 days. I had dropped 2 kgs, was feeling so good, no bloating and just felt so much better in my self. I plan to continue the plan for the next 6 weeks until I go to QLD. Absolutely love the UPS product range... have used the products for a number of years now.


I have been struggling to find a protein powder i enjoy and dont have trouble consuming. I just tried the Ultimate Slim Honeycomb Buzz, and i will definitely be back for more. I want to try all the flavours so tasty, easy to drink and good for you, what more could you want!


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