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Best Fat Burner

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Best Fat Burner Are you searching for the best fat burner? What is it that defines for you your decisions on choosing a fat burner? Is it Once per day product Pick me up type product Makes you sweat Natural or synthetic Does it make your heart race Does it make you crash hours after […]

FREE 14 Day Healthy you challenge

14 day healthy you challenge

14 day Healthy you challenge We are very excited to provide our FREE 14 Day Healthy You Challenge that will give you the boost of vitality you need to re-energise, minimise bloat, cleanse and detox your body & mind. Full guidance and support provided is by UPS athlete and trainer Georgia Holton. You will receive a […]

Garry’s Transformation – UPS Customer

14 day healthy you challenge

  My personal journey, transformation and testimate to UPS – By Garry McKenzie   Three of the above photos have been my secret for many years hidden never to see the light of day as it portrays me at my lowest point in my life. However talking to Georgia Holton has made me share these […]

Melbournes cheapest protein

Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate

Are you looking for Melbournes cheapest protein? Well buyer beware. If you are looking for Melbournes cheapest protein you haven’t been paying attention to published data or social reports there are countless law suits going on all over the globe from companies claiming high quality status when actual laboratory results are indicating quite the opposite. […]

Muscle gain through Progressive Overload

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What is Progressive Overload and what’s the benefits of it. Progressive Overload in layman’s terms is to continually provide extra stress. We are talking muscle building here guys, and the most fundamental factor in continually building bigger and stronger muscle’s is through this single technique. So what is this extra stress? Lets break it down […]

How to lose weight fast

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How to lose weight fast. This topic continually circles the internet in various forms. It seems everyone is looking for that quick fix or magic solution that will solve all there poor dietary choices. Thousands of people search daily for how to loose weight fast, how to lose belly fat, how to lose stomach fat, […]

Top Ten tips for Fat loss

The weather is heating up and as we start wearing less and less clothes many of us become increasingly more concious of our winter hibernation. So for those who want to improve on the comforts of winter here are a few quick tips to help you speed up the process. 1- Reduce processed foods (anything […]

Wise Words from Sponsored athlete Brad Tik on Cardio

Brad Tik It has almost become the tag line in the fitness world today that “no cardio!!” was used in the making of this shredded physique. Truth of that matter is not ev…eryone has a BMR of 3500calories a day and can get stage lean in 4 weeks. Infact the amount of people that fit […]