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UPS Protein manufactures Premium grade sports nutritional products to the Australian and World market.

Used mainly by Elite sporting professionals, UPS products are designed for success. Our Premium grade ingredients, innovative formula’s and Industry leading flavours ensure you have the nutrients available when your body needs them.

We’ve made it our goal to offer you high end quality products sourcing our ingredients not from cheap overseas suppliers but from World leading certified manufactures to ensure you have the Ultimate Performance Supplements to help you reach your fitness goals and aspirations.

At UPS we place “quality” above “profits”, and all of our products are manufactured in a licenced GMP and HACCP accredited facility.

Our products have been thoroughly tested and re-tested long before they are made available to the general public and come with a full 100% money back purity and quality guarantee.

In a short amount of time UPS Protein has grown from just another of the many supplement brands on the market to a “Tried, Tested and Trusted” established company.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team are unique being highly regarded in the industry for there experience and formulations.
We offer Fast Delivery to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane, ACT and all regional areas Australia wide plus we offer World wide international shipping and cater to all needs from beginners to the hardest of hardcore athletes.

Choose from our huge range of supplements including Whey Protein Powders, Mass Gainers, GH Boosters, Test Boosters, Weight loss and Thermogenic Fat Burners, Pre Workout, Intra Workout, Post Workout, Glutamine, Creatine, BCAA’s, Amino Acid’s, Digestive support, Wellness health products, Antioxidants, Detox formulas, Gluten free products, Protein Bars, Protein Desserts and a range of gym wear for your health and fitness lifestyles!

UPS Protein

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